Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spirit Dens #8 - The Phantom Café

Hey Jammers!

Choruss here with the eighth edition of Spirit Dens!
First off, I enjoyed seeing so many of you on Saturday, despite the little technical hitches, Snowy figured it all out, and it was lots of fun!

If you have any other screenshots or photos, post them on Instagram and tag all of us in them!

Let's take a look at some spooktastic dens from last week!

But wait... I only had one entry. :(

Well anyways, here's 5yoyo5's amazing house! Be sure to swing by their den and check it out.

Let's move onto this week's den.

Come on into the Phantom Café!

Freshly (Witches) Brewed Coffee, and spooky cake pops!
Take a seat, have a treat, we've pulled out all the stops.
Our fresh candy apples will have you licking your chops.

Come one, come all, and stay for awhile.
Our purple and black décor is always in style.

Oh please come into the Phantom Café,
Who knows, it just might take your breath away.

I think we all know why I don't take creative writing, haha!
Let's get started!

I've chosen the classic Restaurant Den as it has a kitchen and lots of room for seating. 

Throwback to my first Spirit Dens post!

Let's look at wallpaper and flooring, shall we?

I've selected the Starry Walls and the Spiderweb Floor!


Nice and spooky!

The Starry Walls blend in nicely with the sky outside the den, creating almost a seamless look.

Let's get started on the entryway!
This year, the prize for completing 5 levels of the Phantom Vortex is a Phantom Entryway. The ominous gates can shut with a simple click of your mouse. I've used them to, uhm, welcome people to my café.

For the tiny garden area, I've bought some spooky trees as well as tombstones.

Creepy, eh?

For the little bench inside, I've just placed some of the haunted rugs on top of them to get rid of the generic restaurant look.

Thanks to Fancyjammer08 for helping me out with the photos!

Moving onto the main seating area...
Things are about to get pretty spooky.

I've placed some spooky black fences along the outskirts of the restaurant for that scary, protected look. You could also use skeleton fences!

For a little library, I've simply used the new haunted bookshelf and some side tables with lamps. I like the way that the lamps turn on. Is that a firefly? Or is it a piece of phantom magic? Who knows?!

A spooky rug always ties together a room. Be sure to throw one in there.

What book to read??

Anyways, your patrons will need somewhere to sit and enjoy their coffee or hot cocoa.

Use a variety of seats so that they have options!

Doesn't this look comfy?

Two of those side tables together will make a cool table! I've used a phantom lamp to light things up, as well as a floating candle! I only wish that I had black teacups, but hey, work with what you've got!

If your patrons don't want to have to chat with others, they can sit at these tables for one!

A Phantom Flag and a coffin will make nice decorations. 

Your guests will need somewhere to buy all of your products, so referencing back to the school den, make an ordering counter!

I've chosen to sell Spooky Pops, which remind me of the yummy cake pops over at Starbucks, as well as some potions! I like to think of the potions as the milk and cream that you can pour into your drinks. The phantom plushie is very cute. :)

I'm also making some witches brew and candy apples! (I've never actually had a candy apple, have you guys?)

Finally, for those who wish to dine al fresco, you can make some outdoor seating.

As you can see, over each of these lights I've placed a floating candle! I think that this makes for a fun little Halloween - ey touch!

Sadly, this concludes our post.

There is no video for this week, and that's a looooong story. My laptop broke, I decorated the den on my mom's laptop, then I managed to fix my laptop, etc. Long story short, I fixed my computer myself and everything is okay. (Except for the fact that there's no video.) :(

So guys, I enjoyed seeing all of you last Saturday!! Please email me your café dens at . They don't have to be spooky! I love seeing your guys' creations, it really makes me happy. :)

Until next week,

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