Saturday, October 24, 2015

Monstrous Hair, Spooky Lamp, and New AJ Advert

Hey jammers! The weekend is finally here, today's returning items for the Day of the Phantoms (also known as Night of the Phantoms) festival are the Monstrous Hair (Jam Mart Clothing) and animated Spooky Lamp (Jam Mart Furniture).
While I was exploring some random websites I came across this new AJ football themed ad! I'm sure this will attract even more jammers to come and play wild in the beautiful land of Jamaa.
 Once I clicked this cute little ad, it took me to a new landing page!
How adorable?? AJHQ's artists did a wonderful job with this! I even managed to get the football background so you jammers can use it for your desktop wallpapers!! 
Over on the Daily Explorer, there is a new AJ Academy activity. If you would like to have a go at making creepy eyeball eggs for the season, head to today's post to learn more.
Happy jamming! Wishing you all a pawsome weekend. x
PS. Come and check out my new haunted mansion den for a spooky scare!!

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