Thursday, October 1, 2015

Night of the Phantoms, Bitter Sweets, + Haunted Manor Den

Hey jammers! You know what today is, right? The big Night of the Phantoms update! Anywho, here are the returning items for the festival, all over Jamaa!

Jam Mart Clothing
Jam Mart Furniture  
Hot Cocoa Hut and Bahari Bargains 
Treetop Gardens
Epic Wonders 
The Night of the Phantoms has arrived! Jamaa Township and all over Jamaa is decorated in decorations for the festival celebrations, there are even new decorations this year.
 Bitter Sweets (the feature of this update) has returned! You can play the adventure from the party menu as your favorite pet to earn sweet items.
There is a new den at the diamond shop, the new Epic Haunted Manor is here!
The Phantom Vortex has returned to Jamaa, you can find them scattered around Jamaa. I wonder what the prize is this year. . .
The prize in the Phantom Vortex game is the Phantom Archway, you receive one after you've reached level five!
AJHQ designed this year's prize so well, as always. There is also a new Spooky Party to attend with new decorations, items, and scenery! I love how AJHQ has brought out new content for us this year!

There are new items on sale!
  A Night of the Phantoms favorite has returned, Pet Bats, hidden in the Spooky House party.
You can get the Pet Bats by clicking the wall below. The Pet Bats come with some awesome accessories, just right for the celebrations! 
A handy game icon can now be found at the top of our screens! Now jammers can play every game from this new button, pretty neat. And over in Sarepia Forest there is a new Theater Shop selling den items. 
Here are the den items available!
World Animal Day is on October 4th! To raise awareness, there are World Animal Day banners around Jamaa.
There are also new Night of he Phantoms loading screens!

And new Jam-a-Grams (JAGs) . . .
Happy Night of the Phantoms! What cool costumes will you be dressing up in?

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