Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spirit Dens #7 - A Spooktacular Night of the Phantoms Den! (+ Announcements!)

Hey Jammers!

Before we start, I have a little side note, my username is now Choruss!

I actually requested this change about a month ago, and it got changed on Saturday.
I recorded the video Friday, so that's why I'm Chorus2010 there. My email will still remain the same because I don't want to cause any confusion! I hope you guys like my new name, I've been wanting to change it for quite awhile!

Who's excited for Night of the Phantoms?

I know I am.

This year, AJHQ has brought us some amazing items, and I'm so excited to share them with you guys in the brand new Haunted Manor! This neat den has some additional features not seen in last year's Haunted House Den. For example, it has a basement and a balcony, as well as a graveyard and a spooky cliff!

I thought I'd start off with displaying some entries from last week.

I got so many amazing dream home entries, and I wish that I could post them all. 
Here are some of my favorites!

Here's Starlitskyyy's cool bedroom!

And here's Rachasonad13's neat kitchen!

Finally, here's Crittergirl5's den!

Weren't those awesome, guys?

Onto today's den!

The Spooky Haunted Manor is perfect for gathering your buddies for a N.O.T.P. party!

(P.S. Read until the end of this post for a fun announcement!)

You can put on some spooky music and dance the night away. Today I'll be showing you how to transform a creepy house into a fun party place!

Let's get started, shall we?

The Den: 

Of course I've chosen the Haunted Manor, however any den can be transformed into something spooky with a little effort!

The Flooring and the Wallpaper:

I've chosen the Spiderweb Floors and the Bat Walls!

So, let's get started on the interior!

Well first, you'll need some outside decorations.
I've just used some lawn lanterns to line the outside of the house, and a little Jack O' Lantern is nice and inviting!

For the entryway / first floor, I wanted to keep it open for people so they would be able to move about without being too laggy.

Don't forget to add some balloons at the entryway! I also loooooove pumpkins, so put them everywhere that you have an open space.

Make sure that you have a refreshments table for your guests to get food from. These spooky pops are so fun! I'd love one right now... Mmm....

This spider throne is the perfect place to chill and just observe the party. It looks pretty comfy too. What do you guys think of it?

For the second floor landing, I've kept things simple as well. There isn't much room to put things, but I've added a little phantom cage and some nesting pumpkins. 

Who's ready for a pool party in October?


This is such a silly item, I love it! My kangaroo is getting ready to dive in! 

Watch out for the creepy ghosts in the attic, you never know what you're going to find up there! 

For this room, I've created a fun little Skeleton shrine. Some bone fences lining the walls and a throne at the back of the room will create an ominous atmosphere. I've also thrown in some floating candles for you know, a little ambience.

Finally, the basement! 

After all of that wandering around and dancing, your guests may want a place to rest their feet, and to chat with their buddies. By using two of the circular couches, you can create a fun dual tone seating area! I've selected orange and black, however you could choose red and black, green and black, any color combination would be fun!

You can also rearrange the order of the couches, just flip them around!

Don't forget to add in some tables! The tea party tables are inexpensive and fit perfectly in front of the couches. Some candles can make fun little decorations that look classy as well!

I created a little balloon section just for fun, I think that the phantom balloons are so silly!

Guys! Please check out my new intro and outro on this video, and tell me what you think. :)

This sadly concludes our Halloween post. 

But wait!

I have an announcement.

Snowy will be throwing a Night of the Phantoms bash, (hosted by Snowy!). It'll be a livestream with a party in Snowy's den, and lots of other fun things! She'll be giving away some fun prizes through costume contests and more!

From my inventory, I'll be giving away some long and short collars, wrists, and a founder. 
(Hopefully, I must come up with some giveaway ideas!)

To view the livestream on Saturday, check out Ms. Snowyclaw's channel here.

The date is Saturday the 24th, at 10 AM AJS time.

Here's the time conversions to make sure you show up on time!
*These time zones are only for the US!*

MT (AJS) : 10 AM
CST: 11 AM
EST: 12 PM

Let me know down in the comments if you'll be coming, and if so, what will you be dressed up as? A phantom, Zios, Mira, or is it a surprise?!)

I hope to see you all there.

Bye guys!

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