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Spirit Dens #6 - Your Dream House!

Hey there Jammers!

Before we get started, let's announce the winner(s) of the contest!

In first place, we have...


Congrats Jammer! You should've received your prize by now. :)

Here's her jamtastic den!

The use of the Volcano Den was so creative, and fits in perfectly with the dark, movie theater feel.

Now, I received so many great entries that I'm giving away a second place prize!

A lovely rare set of bow and arrows!

This wonderful prize goes to Kittiesbacup! I'd like to arrange a time to trade it for you, I've sent you a buddy request!

Here's her awesome museum den!

Here are some other pawsome dens submitted to me over the past week!

This is Avery898's amazing movie theater!

And here's Saphire0808's den!

Now, let's get on to today's post!

How would you feel if you could make your Animal Jam den your real life home?
How would you decorate it?
What type of house would you like to live in?

I've imagined being able to just live in my Animal Jam den, to be able to live in a giant tree house, or maybe a castle!

This week is mostly about you guys participating, so please submit your dens either via email, or down in the comment section below!

I'm also including a little IRL video of my tips to organize your room!

So anyways, I'm going to be showing you guys my dream den, I.E. if I could pick any den to live in, this is what I'd want it to look like, haha!

Also, next week's den will be a Halloween den! Spoooookkkkyyyyyyyy.

Let's pick the den. I'd just love to live in a tree house... I'd love to see the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the evening. It'd be great for photography, and it seems like such a cozy place to live.

Doesn't it just look super cozy?

As for floors and walls, I've chosen the...

Wood Floors, and the Brick Walls!

(TBT to the school den!)

So! Let's work on the entryway first!

I'm keeping it relatively simple. Just some lanterns, Alpha statues, and a little place to sit and chat with your buddies! I'm so happy that they brought the tiki furniture back out, it's so cute! 

Telescopes are very handy for looking over Jamaa and viewing those gorgeous sunsets.

The Tree House Den is small in that it really only has two rooms, however as you'll see, I didn't let that stop me from packing it full of items! Clutter is uh... cozy?

Netflix! (Please excuse my terrible photoshopping skills.)

It's always a good idea to have a cozy room to curl up in and watch some TV. A cozy wood table, some tea of course, and a big comfy couch will make a rainy day 94% more enjoyable. (These numbers are 100% accurate.)

It's really all about color scheme. A wood table will go well with a wood floor. The brown on top of the acorn tea set also goes well with the table, therefore by the transitive property, it goes well with the floor! (Thanks Geometry!) The green in the couch goes well with the green in the plant and the leaves that the tea set is on! 

I also added in an Olive statue. She's rocking that whole earring/necklace combo.

Since there's not a ton of room for a bathroom or a kitchen, I've omitted them. :(

Using some Shoji Screens and some plants, I've divided the room into two sections. The living room is about 75% of it, and the bedroom is about 25% of the total floor plan.

I'm using a "Pink" sofa as a bed because of it's cute little throw pillows! Rugs make everything better, so add one or two in there! To cover up the end of the sofa, I've placed some pottery and some plants. The ending of the sofa hangs off of the wood a tiny bit, and no one wants to see that!

A vanity is important for getting ready in the morning. This is one of my favorite AJ items, it's so pretty and simple. 

Moving on to the top floor, I've just created another little hangout area for you and your buddies.

Here's a little entryway. Just place two wolf tikis near the entrance for a dramatic effect! The fire pit is such a cozy item. I remember when they used to be rare. (Does anyone else remember when Elf Cuffs were one of the rarest items in game? I remember that Bellsong had them, and I met her and fangirled!)

I love love LOVE this top area. It's so warm and inviting. Fox chairs are very hard to come by now, and people will try to drive up the price when trading for them. If you're lucky, you might be able to get them for a small den beta. If you're unlucky, like me, you'll trade a red long wrist for a pair of them. I was desperate because I knew that I wanted to use them for this den, and I was willing to trade short of a short collar.

Pineapples have become quite trendy, and they're such a fun fruit!

Trendy pineapples. :)

I've said it before, but Egyptian Rugs are so cool. They match with the brick walls and the wood floor, as well as Sir Gilbert's colors in the poster. The Zios Mask and the Bronze Giraffe Statue complement each other nicely! (The popcorn machine is ALWAYS a good idea.)

Netflix without popcorn is like ice cream without sprinkles. 

Strategically place cattail lamps behind the pineapples to create a.. Pineappletail lamp?
Anyways, it just looks cool.

That pretty much wraps up this post jammers. :(

Here's this week's video!

I may be posting a little IRL video on my YouTube channel if I get around to it, which hopefully I will! 

Email me your dream dens at ! I look forward to seeing them.

Until next week,

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