Friday, October 30, 2015

Rarity Ratings: Nature Archways!

Hey guys! Bonsaii here. It's been pretty hard to update RRs every Thursday, so I'm going to release a new Rarity Rating once or twice a month! Please send suggestions to!

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Nature Archways
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Nature Archways, or "Arches" as they're commonly called, are one of the most renowned den items in the game. They were released in 2012 as the July monthly gift. Contrary to popular belief, they are not beta items. They're really awesome ones, though! They work in almost any den, and are great for entryways. They're not falling in popularity any time soon. Like, you know, waterfall? Huh? Huuhhh?

This item's odd in the way that it's Popular Opinion RR and it's Actual RR are the same. All Nature Archways are worth the same amount. Some people might prefer one over the other, but those balance out.
The Nature Archway is one of the few items that isn't avaiable in The Forgotten Desert. This makes it technically rarer than items like the Spiked Collar, but most people would not accept that trade. You could easily get a Nature Archway for a non-rare Headdress, or a Spiked Wristband. 

Looking for inspiration?
Mbavbe's den has a great setup with a vine Nature Archway! 

 How beautiful!

See ya!

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