Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Spirit Dens #5 - A Marvelous Movie Theater!

Hi Jammers! Happy Wednesday!
It's time for another edition of Spirit Dens!! 

I'm going to start out with a quick announcement. I was a little disappointed to see that I only received two entries for last week's den. :(
Therefore, I don't think it's fair to give a Mira Statue if there's only two people who entered. The giveaway will carry over to this week instead!

Here are the entries from last week:

A beautiful Alpha garden by Monkeysrule6!

A Phantom exhibition by Cosmic Daydream! (AJ username currently unknown. D:)
Now, I know that I put up a Straw Poll with the options for this week, however since the movie theater items came out, I decided to do a den with those instead! 

Every time a new set of den items come out, you can expect a den to go along with them. :)
I love to make films and take pictures, so I am so excited for this new den set! 
Keep in mind that since this post is written on Saturdays, not all of the den items are currently out. :(

(I'm eagerly awaiting the director's chair ahhhhh!)

Also, happy October! We're that much closer to Halloween! 
(QOTD: What are you planning on being for Halloween?)

Anyways, let's get started! As we all know, Animal Jam likes to combine nature with modern day life, and that's exactly what this den does! I've chosen the Mushroom Hut, which is super cozy and nature-y, and absolutely lovely for Fall. 

And for our wonderful wallpaper and flooring, I've selected the Wood Floor, (shocked face), and the Starry Walls!

The Wood Floor looks good with everything, and the Starry Walls provide a dark, cozy, movie theater feel! Since we're combining nature with a modern feel, I've decorated the garden with lots of plants and trees!

Lots and lots of fun in the garden!
My garden technique is to pull out every floral item from my inventory and to smash them together, genius, I know. x3

In the rest of these photos, I'm joined by the jamtastic Sharpclaws3145! Sharp swung by to check out my den, and agreed to pose for my photos with me! I love meeting you guys, and I'm more than happy to have you in my photos! I usually take them around 10/11 am EST either Saturday or Sunday, so pop in and if I'm working on the post, we can hang out and take pics! Also, I love to check out your dens, so leave them unlocked if you want me to come by.

Continuing on!
The Mushroom Hut is small-ish, but that doesn't mean that we can't maximize the space. For the bottom level, I've turned it into a concession and café area!

Let's move into the details of this room.

I've bought a concession stand, and then I surrounded it with flowers so that it's more in tune with the mushroom decorations. These flowers were all monthly flowers, but if you didn't purchase them then, that's okay! Treetop Gardens has an amazing array of plants for you to choose from.

Your customers may want a little space to eat some of their treats before the movie, so make sure you have some tables and chairs!

The table is a "Tall Shelf" in white. I don't really see how it's a shelf, but alright! The chairs are part of the old Ice Cream Parlor set. I've simply placed the Spilled Popcorn and the cup for effect. The popcorn makes it look realer, y'know?

The opposite table has relatively the same thing going on, just with some flowers instead!

It looks so cute and homey!

On our way upstairs, I've placed some movie posters on the walls. Mind you, this is a little tricky because of the curved walls. Just do your best, and I promise you that it'll come out great!

See? It doesn't look so bad!

For the upstairs, you need to construct your theater!

Some plants and a giraffe statue make it nature-y, and the film rolls continue that traditional theater aspect!  Tip for placing the screen in this den: Don't place it on the walls! Make it so that the screen has it's bottom edge lined up against the floor, then use plants or statues to cover the gap between it and the wall. Then you're going to need some chairs, or pillows, but I used chairs because they're newer.

It's a little hard to sit in these chairs, but you know, fake it till' you make it!

You can cover the window with another poster!


For the little landing outside, I've just put in some tiki items and some clovers.

Keep it simple and cute! I love how the light shines through the blades of grass, it's so pretty. So Jammers, that wraps up this little post, and unfortunately there isn't a video. :( 

There is however, a video of me and my sick voice explaining just how sick I am.
Yes, that's me in the thumbnail with a box of tissues looking sad.

I filmed this yesterday and have almost no voice today. I'm so sorry guys! On the bright side, I'm almost at 40 subscribers! Thank you guys so much!

PLEASE send me your den creations with a movie theater theme! It doesn't have to be the whole den, a little snippet is great as well! 
You can reach me at

Thanks for reading!


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