Friday, October 2, 2015

Spider Strand, Pumpkin Shoes, + Lynx Trophy

Hey jammers! Today's new Night of the Phantoms festival items are the Spider Strand in Jam Mart Furniture and Pumpkin Shoes (for all jammers) in Jam Mart Clothing. 
Phantom Lights in Sunken Treasures and Neck Bolts in Bahari Bargains.
AJHQ has updated the lynx minibook in the Chamber of Knowledge, complete the quiz on pages 11-12 to earn a Lynx Trophy! You'll have to read the minibook to answer the questions, of course, hehe.
Hopefully AJHQ continues to add quizzes in future minibooks, the animal trophy idea is wonderful, I'd love to collect a little collection! If any of you jammers need help answering the quiz questions, here you go . . . 
Question order changes each try
Anywho, thank you so much to xspiritedx for sending in this (spooky?) glitch! Anyone else having the same bug with the new spectacular Haunted Manor den? Love the outfit, xspiritedx! 
On the Daily Explorer AJHQ has posted a Jammer Tip. 
Would love a Jammer Tip about the new spooky festivities, but anywho, happy jamming everyone! 

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