Friday, October 23, 2015

Fashion Friday #16: Spook Couture

Hey, jammers! Bonsaii here, with a spooky Fashion Friday! Here's some outfits that are show you know your fashion -- and your phantoms!

First up, a skeleton owl!

This outfit was made using the Rare Heart Skull Helmet as its main inspiration. The owl's main color is brown, while it's secondary color is a lighter tan. She's got pink dots as her pattern. A pink bow and arrows are on her back, and a rosey glove accents those sharp talons. I didn't like the RIM when it first came out, but I must say it grew on me.

Next, a nonmember alley cat!
Boy, finding some spooky nonmember items was hard! Since there weren't many nonmember things I could use for my cat costume, I chose the smallest animal to optimize space. Plus, bunnies are totally cute.

For this outfit, I used a bunny with a black base color, and orange secondary color. I didn't use a pattern to keep the design simple, and cute. The bunny-cat has striking orange eyes, but it would look just as good with yellow ones. I used a ribbon scarf for orange flair. And of course, what kind of cat would it be without a Rare Scary Cat Hat? Cat Ears would look great, too!

Black cats have a hard time getting adopted because of supersitions that they're unlucky. Show your support for these wonderful creatures at

Last, but certainly not least, a lowbudget skeleton!
This scary sea turtle's got a skeleton suit on, so the colors underneath don't matter. The only other item's a skeleton mask! The whole price of this outfit is only 750 gems! All items are available in Bahari Bargains.

Ooh, and check out the Rare Scary Halo for this Night of the Phantoms! It gives any outfit a scary flair!
RIM rhl00
Great, now I have the Beyonce song stuck in my head.
That's all today! See you later!

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