Sunday, December 6, 2015

Candy Cane Candles, Gift Hat, Candy Sword + More

Hey jammers! A bunch of new and returning items today, first up the Candy Cane Candles (Jam Mart Furniture) and the returning Jamaaliday Gift Hat (Jam Mart Clothing). 
Elsewhere in Jamaa, the classic Candy Cane Crown and Candy Cane Tiara have returned to Bahari Bargains.
In Outback Imports, we have the returning Pet Sled, originally sold in the Jamaaliday Jam party. And the Candy Sword arrives over in the Diamond Shop!
Now try to not eat today's candy arrivals, hehe. Today's daily gift is a returning one, the Icicle Horn!
What color did you guys get? Perfect for making chilly outfits! With the Jamaaliday gifts beginning, a brand new welcome homepage comes!
Delightful! Presents, snowy scenes, and decorations, what's your favorite part of the Jamaalidays? Hopefully, the new welcome page design will attract more players to come and play wild.
Along with the new Arctic Wolf Claw in the Diamond Shop, the claw design has been given a refurbishment. I'm in love with the majestic blue and gold colors! Fancy, no? Future claws may even have their own specific design! ^.^
To wrap up today's post, a new diamond challenge is being hosted on the DE! Happy jamming everyone.

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