Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Spirit Dens #14 - A Busy Bakery!

Hey Jammers!

It's Christmas Eve Eve!! Today I'll be making gingerbread cookies with my little cousins, it's going to get messy hehe. (Go check out my Instagram to see how it's going haha)

Choruss here, and today I'll be using some of the new den items that came out last week! I love this new update so much, don't you guys?

Today's den will feature items from the Medieval and the Bakery parties. :)

These new items are amazing, in total there must be at least 30 new items, which is HUGE. 

(I was so excited you guys don't even know djknjwneknrkwejndkekwj)

Today's episode will feature the lovely Barn Den!

I'll be using Spaceship Grey walls and Wood Flooring.

This bakery is cluttered, but in a way that it's cozy as opposed to confusing.

For a pretty little exterior trim, I'm using the rose bushes that re-appeared in the beta party!

Let's move on to the interior!

I've used the new rocking chairs and donuts to make a cute little seating area! I had lots of fun hanging out with some fans in my den, they loved the donuts haha.

Over where horses would usually go, I've placed a little desk area where writers can enjoy their pastries in a quiet area. In the other space, your workers can check people's items out. The two carpets fit perfectly in the stables, I love them so much! 

Using little Jamaaliday trees can perk up an area by 2000%. 

Over here, you can use the bales of hay to display food! The bread basket is so pretty and warm, and chocolate covered apples are always in style. You can use little items such as emu eggs or lamps to decorate. While your guests may not want pineapples, they sure look pretty!

Over here, you can use a banner and a grandfather clock to decorate as they both fit nicely with the wood paneling.

In the hall, you can use plaques as well as windows to cover up the little windows if you choose to. :)

I've placed the kitchen upstairs! Taffy machines are a must of course, as is a sink!

I love this new bakers table, don't you?

Mmm... Chocolate!

Okay jammers, that's going to wrap up this post! To all of you who celebrate it, I wish you a very merry Christmas.

*New Years Den coming next week!*


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