Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cupcake Pet House, Jingle Bells + Pet Trading?

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the Cupcake Pet House, sold in Outback Imports! It appears most old items won't return to the Jamaaliday Jam party, so keep an eye out.
Oh my Mira! Have a look at the recent discovery many jammers witnessed...

This lovely individual was spotted wandering around Jamaa yesterday. Somehow this jammer added a pet to their trade list! It certainly hints that pet trading could be a future possibility, but this may have been a silly glitch. Who knows? Pet trading will especially come in handy when trading for membership promo pets (Pet Polar Bear, Ferret, etc).

Moving on to daily gifts, today's gift is the returning Jamaaliday Bells! The Jamaaliday Bells were part of last year's daily presents, AJHQ decided to roll them out again this year. Speaking of Jamaalidays, time for a flashback!
It's exactly one year since the adorable Jamaaliday homepage was released. Hopefully, AJHQ returns the Jamaaliday homepage next year, for sure kept us in the holiday spirit when signing into Jamaa. And over on the Daily Explorer...
Liza is hosting a fox minibook diamond challenge! Running low on diamonds? Have a go at entering Liza's diamond challenge, 5 diamonds are up for grabs!! Happy jamming. ^-^

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