Saturday, December 26, 2015

Winter Fire Pit Table + New Merch + Poofy Rug

Hey jammers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Today's returning item is perfect for hosting holiday parties with your buddies, the Winter Fire Pit Table returns to Jam Mart Furniture!
As the Jamaaliday festivities come to a close, don't miss your chance to purchase neat items like the Winter Fire Pits. Today's daily gift is a returning favorite ~ the cute Poofy Rug!
Although the yeti face doesn't show on the rug once placed in our dens, it's still a neat little gift. AJHQ has added a new membership image advertising the new party feature! I'd prefer if we could host parties in our own den, instead of choosing an already decorated den. 
Before 2016 arrives, make sure you pop by Outback Imports to buy the Steampunk Parlor den set collection. I have to say the steampunk items have been designed beautifully by AJHQ's artists!
In other news, new merch has arrived at AJ's gift shop! Most of the artwork used on the products is reused, which in my opinion would put me off buying. 
Happy jamming all!

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