Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ice Sword + Tunnel Town Winter Bunnies

Hey jammers! Today's new item first appeared in the recent Jamaa Journal, the Ice Sword is now on sale in Epic Wonders (green orb).
As the Jamaaalidays come to an end, be sure to continue logging daily for your last few gifts.  Today's daily gift is a returning one - Winter Mailbox!
What's been your most favorite present? I'm quite disappointed with how many store items we got, but at the same time we did indeed receive some lovely gifts. 
Just in time for the holidays, winter bunnies have returned to McFluffin's Market + festive new items on Tunnel Town! If you haven't got this pawsome app, everyone can download it for free!
Lastly, I leave you with some Jamaaliday animal artwork from the Daily Explorer! Happy jamming all. 

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