Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jamaaliday Gift Shoes, Wreath, Plus Snowflake Balloon

Hey jammers! Tigerlypaws here with your Saturday news post. Today's new item will beyond any doubt keep your paws in the holiday spirit, introducing the Jamaaliday Gift Shoes in Jam Mart Clothing!
Over in Epic Wonders (blue orb) we have the traditional Jamaaliday Wreath! Surprising I don't believe the wreath returned last year in stores, but I could be wrong. 'Tis the season for den decorating!

A tad expensive, don't ya think? Today's daily gift is the returning Snowflake Balloon in a range of different colors! The Snowflake Balloon was part of last year's Jamaaliday presents, AJHQ decided to roll them out again this year.
What color did you get? Speaking of items/gifts, there are many returning items at the Jamaaliday Jam party, so keep an eye out...
The Mira and Zios ornaments are a must have, in my opinion, you can hang them on the Epic Jamaalday Tree sold in Jam Mart Furniture! Moving on to Shiveer Shoppe, the Flaming Jack-O'-Lantern is making a late escape.
They'll be back during next year's Night of the Phantoms festivities. On the Daily Explorer, there is a new AJ Academy activity. Have a go at the festive foam experiment with friends and family, after all, that's what Jamaalidays are all about! :3
Did you know there is a collection of fun activities at the Animal Jam Academy? Lot's of experiments, coloring in sheets, and all sorts of fun while you're offline! Happy jamming.

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