Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jamaaliday Street Lantern + Unreleased Winter Den

Hey jammers! Today we have two returning items, firstly the Jamaaliday Street Lantern sold in the lovely Jam Mart Furniture shop!
Next we have the classic Jolly Elf Hat returning to Jam Mart Clothing!
AJHQ is being silly once again! Today's diamond challenge on the Daily Explorer has revealed an upcoming den...
Oh, lush! It certainly looks like we will be getting a new winter den; possibly replacing the Snow Fort den! Of course, the den will most likely be on sale in the Diamond Shop and will be member only.
I posted about this above unreleased den last month! It looks like a diamond enchanted hobbit hole, quite similar to the Bunny Party. Some jammers may say it looks like a coconut, heh ^-^
Today's daily gift is the Sleigh Runway! Originally sold in Jam Mart Furniture earlier this year, AJHQ decided to roll out the Sleigh Runway in our Jamaaliday presents. Happy jamming all!

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