Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Spirit Dens #11 - Jamaa TV!

Hey there Jammers!
I'm so excited to be back making posts. I enjoyed my time in the Bahamas immensely, however it's nice to be back in my own cozy house. (It's quite cold in NY, brrrrrr!)

The colors there are so vibrant ahhhhh

Anyways, let's jump into this week's den!

The Jamaalidays are fast approaching, and hopefully this week's update will bring a new adventure! New items have already started coming into stores, and hopefully there's more to come!
In the coming weeks, you can definitely expect to see more Jamaaliday themed Spirit Dens. :)
Until then, I'm playing with a little idea I'm calling Jamaa TV!

Today's den is a television studio where Jammers can host a talkshow, or star in a news cast! Maybe you want to be a researcher for the news network, or maybe you'll be happier as the network executive, bossing everyone around! 

Let's get started on the den.

I've selected the Castle Den because of it's multiple levels and it's open floor plan.

For the flooring, I'm using the wood floor!

I'm doing something a little different for the wallpaper. Different rooms look good with different wallpapers. 
(Clarrrrrkkkkk please add a feature where we can put different wallpaper in different rooms!)
I'm using a combination of the Dust Striped Walls and the Starry Walls!

You'll see why I chose these very soon!

So, if we look at the floorplan, we'll start with the main room.

The Dust Striped walls look nice here with the red d├ęcor.

(Watch Aparri's latest parody, Hack to Hack, here!)

Welcome to Jamaa TV's premier talkshow, Coffee with Choruss!
(I became part of the News Crew ahhhhh!)
The Circular Chairs look so talkshow-y, and if it's Coffee with Choruss, you'll need coffee mugs! Don't forget to accessorize your studio with plants and flowers. The curtain on the stairway can be used for introducing guests. A Jamaa flag and a TV for showing clips is a must have for any show.

Don't forget a director's chair, because it's chaos without someone in charge!

Be sure to display your network's awards!

Downstairs, I've set up a news set for the more serious Jamaa news sector.

I love this room! It looks so nice and professional with the Starry wallpaper. The salon desk had to be used as it does look like a newscaster desk despite the shampoo bottles! I like that it has papers sitting on top. Decoration is key here. It has to be subtle, but professional. A Lynx and an Arctic Fox trophy look nice on either side, and a moon lamp will add that touch of ambience. I've decorated the two little wood pieces with plaques as well. Movie theater lights provide that professional atmosphere a newscaster requires! 

Your newscasters must look their best at all times, so be sure to add a little hair and makeup area!

These salon items look so nice and clean, but adding plants is always a good idea. A stool provides the perfect seating for your star.

Don't forget the director's chair and a clapboard!


You'll need a place where the daily news is researched, so add a writer's room upstairs!

Thanks Dishsoap for helping. xo

Laptops and coffee mugs make this lovely room come to life.

The search feature makes it so easy to find things in the den item section!! I no longer have to hunt for my items, tehe! The flowers look so nice ahhhhewkjekwdnejkwndkjwndkw.

Finally, you'll need an office for the boss of the network.

Shelves and an egg chair make a cozy little space! I love the steampunk light so much, I want it for my real bedroom!

So Jammers, that a wrap on this post, (hehe), please swing by my den anytime, we can pretend to be newscasters, hehe! 

Until next week,

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