Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Spirit Snaps
#8 Adventures

Hey jammers! PopsicleGT here with the (very late) Adventures Spirit Snaps post!

Apologies for this post being, what, three weeks late? I've been pretty busy recently with Christmas and a vacation, but it's great to be back writing for the AJS!
As mentioned above, this week's post is about Adventures! Adventures were first introduced to Animal Jam on June 2013. However, they were member-only as AJHQ wanted to beta-test them. During this beta testing period of the adventures, the adventure prizes were different to the ones now. There are two types of adventure, Storyline and Seasonal. The Storyline adventures are the ones found in the Adventure Base Camp, and the Seasonal ones are those which come around every year and are only available in the party list for a select few month(s).

I'm a bit disappointed by the lack of entries compared to the amount of time there was to send one in, but here are the few ones which I could find.

Winning the rares this week is Xizbit. It looks like there's no way out for that poor penguin!

Next week, the theme is New Years! Take a snapshot of you and your buddies celebrating the New Year, 2016! You could win a Rare Construction Hat and Rare Pumpkin Mask.

In order to submit a snapshot, you can email it to spiritjammer@gmail.com, post it in the Disqus comment section below or post it on Google+ on the Animal Jam Community with the hashtag #ajsadventuresnap!

As always, don't forget that Spirit Snaps is a screenshot only contest, so edited images will be disqualified.

See ya next time!

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