Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jamaaliday Gifts start, Jamaaliday Welcome Mat, Elf Shoes, Ice Garden, Jamaaliday Light Strands, Jingle Bell Bracelet, Narcissus and Popcorn Strands!

(please read the end of this post, I have something pretty important to say)

Hey jammers! Do you know what day it is? That's right, the first day of our JAMAALIDAY GIFT CALENDAR!


So don't forget to log in today to get your very own Jamaaliday Welcome Mat.

*It's for free!*

Today we have many, many, new items, so let's get started....

Starting at Treetop Gardens, we have our new Narcissus and Narcissus Bouquet. The Narcissus, sold for 350 gems, has only one color, while the Narcissus Bouquet, sold for 700 gems, has 8 colors.

At Epic Wonders, we have our returning Ice Garden, sold for 3500 gems.

In Jam Mart Clothing, we can find our Jingle Bell Bracelet, sold for 500
 gems, and our Elf Shoes, sold for 300 gems.

In Jam Mart Furniture, we have our Jamaaliday Light Strands, sold for 400 gems, and our Popcorn Strand, also sold for 400 gems.

It's your last day to pick up your very own Lucky Clovers music.

For only 1 diamond, you can enjoy the music that nobody seems to want to listen to now.
And now, for a little glitch.

This really weird glitch just happened to me today, and because of it, I still can't edit my den :(

Trivia Tuesday:

How do you change the color of your Jamaaliday gift before you accept it?


I CHANGED MY USERNAME! Yes, now it's Glowyy. I just changed it because I wasn't really happy with isa4322, so I decided to make it something more pretty. You can still call me Isa, but I'm ready for new nicknames like Glowyy and Glow.

Side note: Popsicle will not be posting Spirit Snaps today, however, the post will be up next week.

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