Monday, December 7, 2015

Rare Yeti Face, Jamaaliday Hedge & Reindeer Slippers

Hey jammers! This delightful Rare Yeti Face is this week's contribution to Rare Item Monday. Sold on the seventh page of the Jam Mart Clothing shop, today only!
The Yeti Face first came out on the 20th of December 2014 with a silly color glitch, and perhaps will be a traditional winter item.  How can you tell if a Yeti's been in the fridge?? There are paw prints in the dessert, hehe!

And the returning Jamaaliday Hedge is today's daily gift! I don't know about you guys, but I'm so thrilled these are back this year, the hedges make such a neat decoration! Now some sad news...
The classic Turkey Hat is on its way out of Jam Mart Clothing. Feast of Thanks is now over and winter items are coming in, do you guys have any dream items you're hoping will return? The adorable Reindeer Slippers return to Shiveer Shoppe!
Previously sold in Jam Mart Clothing last year, they're perfect for keeping your paws (or flippers) toasty and warm! Moving on to the Daily Explorer...
I quite miss how AJHQ's artists create animal art concepts for each rare, but the illustrations are still fantastic! Time for a little Monday Mystery ~ present eight on the Jamaaliday gift calendar is sparkling! What type of gift do you think we will receive? All to be revealed tomorrow!!

Happy jamming everyone.

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