Saturday, December 5, 2015

Jamaaliday Kite, Candy Bow And Arrows, Plushies (Lynx, Otter, +) & Glitched Gift

Hey jammers! Today's new items are the Jamaaliday Kite (Jam Mart Clothing) and Candy Bow And Arrows (Diamond Shop). 
The candy bow goes amazing with today's daily gift! Elsewhere, in Epic Wonders (blue orb) we have the returning Snowman Thrones from last year!
Run, run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man...
Spotted anything unusual? 
Today's daily Jamaaliday gift is the, well Gingerbread Mask I assume! It appears the gift has no name yet, even in our clothing inventories...
Silly AJHQ! Oh well, these things happen in the gaming world ^-^ At least we can still wear the yummy mask! What's been your favorite daily gift so far? And all jammers get a bonus diamond today! 
Happy holidays! Moving on, new hyena, otter, polar bear, lynx, and llama plushies have finally arrived in the claw! Although they're quite difficult to collect, it's still exciting to see new plushies come to Jamaa!
 ¡QuĂ© adorable! Got a pawsome collection? Feel free to snap a screenshot of your plushies and send them to To wrap up today's post, there is a new AJ Academy activity on the DE!
Happy jamming everyone.

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