Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Spirit Dens #13 - A Toasty Gingerbread Home!

Hey Jammers!

Choruss here and there's only 9 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS.

I have exactly one week of school left ugh.

Do any of you have to go to school next week? (Monday - Wednesday)

ANYWAYS, let's dismiss the thought of school for a few minutes and enjoy this gingerbread den!

Last week, AJHQ gifted me 10 diamonds because they forgot to give me my news crew badge for a week or two. I was very grateful, and with those diamonds I bought the new gingerbread house!

It's very neat, however I do miss the smaller version. It would be nice if you had the option to buy old dens for gems instead. :(

Let's get started on today's den!

I've been super duper busy working on an Animal Jam rewind, and hopefully by next week it'll be finished!

I've only done the interior of this den, and I'd love to see what you guys have done to decorate your dens for the Jamaalidays. Email me at: , and I'll feature my favorites on next week's post! 

For the floors and the walls, I'm using the default floor and Spaceship Gray!

The spaceship gray comes across as gingerbread paneling, similar to the flooring. :)

Doesn't that look nice?

Anyways, for the main floor, I've put in a little candy making area!

Choruss is dancing away. (She's probably on a sugar high!)


Upstairs, I've arranged a comfy seating area.

If you don't have room for an epic Jamaaliday tree, you can use a smaller tree, such as a Baobab. 

Overlapping rugs provides for a very elegant effect, don't you think?

Those hot cocoa sets... I can't. They're so cute and cozy that everytime I see them I have to make hot chocolate. 

Anyways, outside I just placed some winter trees and a wreath.

Cute, right?

Okay jammers, I'm so sorry for the short post. I feel awful but this rewind is so time consuming! 

It'll be out soon.


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