Thursday, December 24, 2015

Glitched Festive Lights

Hey jammers! It's Christmas Eve, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas! Today's new item and daily gift appear to be glitched. All Jamaaliday gifts are for everyone, so not sure why this gift is a store item and member only.
Dear AJHQ: Please sort yourselves out! I am getting sick and tired of glitches after glitches, nowadays that's all us jammers have to put up with. A majority of your players are paying customers and with glitches, we are unable to enjoy what we are paying for. Sorry to disappoint! ^-^
Either the Festive Lights in Jam Mart Clothing aren't supposed to be there or we got the wrong gift today. In Jam Mart Clothing if you try to change the item color you will notice only two colors are available, so it's certainly glitchy! Heh, they look pretty neat on most animals. 
Cute winter cover picture from Animal Jam's Facebook 
Happy holidays!! I apologize for the short post, I'm traveling to London today to see family. What are you guys up to this Christmas? Have a good one if you celebrate! Hopefully some of us in colder climates will see a white Christmas! Let it snow, let it snow...

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