Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jingle Bell Necklace, Lit Tree, Plus Marshmallow Snowman

Hey jammers! Today we have two returning items, firstly the Jingle Bell Necklace in the lovely Jam Mart Clothing shop! Remember: all jammers (members and non-members) can change item colors!!
Today's daily gift is the returning tasty Marshmallow Snowman! Previously sold in Jam Mart Furniture earlier this year, AJHQ decided to include the Marshmallow Snowman in our Jamaaliday gifts.
Enjoy this sweet goodie (try not to munch on it!) Moving on, AJHQ's designers have been at work again! Check out this absolutely adorable welcome homepage, featuring Jamaa's pets and animals!
Do you think these latest additions of homepages will draw in new jammers? Elsewhere, on the Daily Explorer, there is an event going on called ~ World Art Fair ~ celebrating countries around the world.
This week's topic is Europe, us jammers who live in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc) don't get much attention because Animal Jam is Amercian, hehe. More item arrivals...
The Lit Baobab Tree returns to Treetop Gardens! Happy jamming everyone.

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