Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jamaaliday Sweater, Scarf + Play Wild Android Release

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Jamaaliday Sweater, sold in Shiveer Shoppe! Similar to the classic Holiday Sweater, this latest arrival will keep you cozy during Jamaa's winter.
Today's daily gift is the Jamaaliday Scarf! Formerly sold in Shiveer Shoppe, this year AJHQ decided to roll them out for daily Jamaaliday gifts. What color did you guys get?
Tip for you collectors out there: when you open your gift and hate the color, simply refresh and reopen the gift for a different color on your accounts! In other news, on the Daily Explorer there is a special announcement...
Play Wild is now out on Android devices! Head to Google Play or the iPad store to download Play Wild for free. WildWorks has done an extraordinary job with Play Wild, the artwork, detail, and features are fantastic!
It's so exciting to see Animal Jam expanding on other devices, and around the world. Updates occur monthly on Play Wild, this month's update include daily Jamaaliday gifts, arctic wolves, gingerbread den, and more festive activities. So, if you want to ''play wild'' on the go, AJHQ has got you covered!
Speaking of Play Wild, check out this amazing goofy video from AJHQ! WildWorks deserves every bit of success they get with this app. I'm in love with the 3D artwork design and animations. 
Be sure to share Play Wild with friends and family. Lastly, the classic Toy Racetrack returns to Outback Imports!
What are your thoughts on the latest goings on?  Happy jamming everyone!!

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