Friday, December 11, 2015

Inflatable Jamaaliday Tree + Hot Cocoa Set

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Inflatable Jamaaliday Tree, sold in Jam Mart Clothing! Decorated with smarties? Hehe.
The Inflatable Jamaaliday Tree was first spotted as a decoration at Coral Canyons! Perfect for decorating gingerbread dens. Today's daily gift is the returning Hot Cocoa Set from last year's Jamaaliday presents!

¡QuĂ© adorable! Yum, another delicious gift! Not only is the Hot Coca Set looking tasty, it's quite interactive! Every jammer also gets a bonus diamond today, don't forget there is a little gift bag shop in the Diamond Shop ~ selling past Jamaaliday gifts for only one diamond.
Did I mention all items sold in the gift bag shop are for all jammers?! Moving on to the Daily Explorer, there is a new Jammer Snap post! This week's topic is Jamaaliday fashion. Feel free to share your festive outfit ideas here on spirit!
Thank you to confectioneryarts for sending in this frustrating den glitch which many of you have most likely encountered! ^-^
A small house mashed together with a the mushroom hut den? Jamaa can be a silly place at times! Lastly, the Frosting Icicles return to Outback Imports! Originally sold in the Jamaaliday Jam party, the icicles are a perfect decoration for winter dens!
Happy jamming everyone.

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